Linux Anti-Spam Tools/Virus Tools

     This course investigates the prevalent open source anti-spam tool "SpamAssassin" and the anti-virus tool "ClamAV". An overview of how they work and an explanation of how to configure and integrate these tools with your mailserver (Sendmail or Postfix) is presented. Following this will be a study of maintaining and training in these tools; this will become an essential part of protecting your users from SPAM and e-mail viruses.

Topics Covered

  • SPAM filtering overview
    • Challenge/response system
    • Greylisting systems
    • Bayesian systems
  • E-mail message structure
    • Header
    • Body
    • Envelope
  • SpamAssassin overview
  • Installing SpamAssassin
  • Invoking SpamAssassin with .procmail.
  • Using spamc/spamd
  • Configuring SpamAssassin
    • System wide
    • Per user
  • SpamAssassin Rules
  • Training SpamAssassin
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with sendmail
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with postfix
  • Virus scanning overview
  • ClamAV overview
  • Installing ClamAV
  • Configuring ClamAV
    • Clamd
    • Clamav-milter
  • Using ClamAV


     Any Mail Administrator responsible for reducing the amount of SPAM delivered as well as scanning for viruses prior to the mail arriving at the end-user mailbox.



     The sendmail/postfix administrator will be able to control SPAM and virus attachments alleviating the end-user of most SPAM and virus attachments.

Furnished Materials:

  • PC Workstation for use during training
  • Student Manual

Recommended Follow-On Course


  • 1 Day


  • $495

Training Dates:

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