Advanced PHP Programming

     This course covers advanced topics and techniques that put the PHP programmer in complete control of their dynamic web pages. The main focus is on using the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) capabilities of PHP. Using OOP allows the PHP programmer to write code that is more flexible, reusable, and maintainable. This opens the door to including the 1000's of free PHP functions from PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository). Incorporating OOP and writing your own classes gives greater leverage on writing web pages that follow a company standard. Modifying the PHP configuration file to gain control over the server side execution of the code is covered along with an examination of modifications that can be made to the Apache web server with regards to PHP.

Topics Covered

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  • Web page development


     This class is directed toward the web developer who has a firm handle on writing dynamic web pages interfaced to databases, but wants to expand their capabilities by incorporating the many predefined classes from PEAR. This class also will provide the developer with the necessary skills to develop their own OOP classes to standardize their company's web page development.



     Upon completion of this course the student will have an understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts and be able to apply OPP PHP within their web pages. The student will also be able incorporate any of the 1000's of OOP "classes" available through PEAR or write their own OOP "classes".

Furnished Materials:

  • PC Workstation for use during training
  • Student Manual

Recommended Follow-On Course


  • 3 Days


  • $1485

Training Dates:

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