Big Data Overview

This one day primer introduces Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the emerging discipline of Data Analytics. Attention will be given to the three V�s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety as well as the fourth V of Value. You�ll learn about these critical elements and the powerful value proposition that these capabilities provide. What are the processes, tools, and personnel that will be needed in order to take advantage of this sea change in information management? This essential course will equip you to understand your customers better and how to deliver more value today.


    • Understand what Big Data is
    • Know the difference between “data-at-rest” and “data-in-motion”
    • Understand what map-reduce / Hadoop is, and what it can do
    • Be aware of query technologies for easily querying with Hadoop (e.g. Hive, Pig, and others)
    • Understand what NoSQL databases are and what they can do
    • Become familiar with the choices in the NoSQL landscape
    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different NoSQL technologies
    • Be well-informed on your choices in Big Data processing, and evaluate them for your needs.

    • Session 1: Understanding Big Data

      • Big Data Characteristics
      • Relational Model Overview
      • Working with Big Data
      • Data Consistency and CAP

      Session 2: NewSQL Databases

      • NewSQL Overview
      • Product Overviews
      • Summary

      Session 3: NoSQL Overview

      • Differences from Relational Model
      • Types of NoSQL Stores
        • Document Data Model
        • Graph Data Model
        • Key/Value
        • Wide Columnar
        • Hadoop
      Session 5: Other Processing Technologies

      • Apache Pig and Hive
      • Apache Impala
      • Apache Storm
      • Apache Spark

      Session 6: MongoDB

      • Overview and Architecture
      • Summary of Strenghts/Weaknesses

      Session 7: Cassandra Database

      • Overview and Architecture
      • Summary of Strenghts/Weaknesses

      Session 8: Other Databases and Tools

      • HBase
      • Neo4j

    General audience including business and technology team leadership

    Some knowledge of databases and data processing is useful, but not required.

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