Intro to PHP

This course lays the basic foundation for using PHP. It is the base course for the follow on courses: Intermediate PHP and Advanced PHP. No prior knowledge of PHP is required. The course starts with PHP tags, line syntax, and using “heredocs”. Then variables, Arrays, and Constants are covered. Once the base elements are understood we can learn how to use the programming syntax of PHP. Flow control is presented with numerous examples. Finally writing and incorporating PHP functions is described.


    • Using the PHP tags
      • <?php ?> <? ?> <% %>
    • Line syntax
      • Line terminator
      • Concatenation
      • Comments
      • Heredocs
    • Variables
      • Assigning variables by value
      • Assigning variables by reference
      • Variable scope
      • Constants
    • Arrays
      • Superglobals
      • The $_GET and $_POST arrays
      • Numeric
      • Associative
      • Creating an array
      • Outputting an array
      • Accessing array elements
      • Traversing an array
    • Formatted output
      • Printf( )
      • Sprintf( )
    • Operators
      • Assignment
      • Arithmetic
      • Concatenation
      • Combined
      • Logical
      • Precedence
    • Control Statements
      • Execution
      • Conditional
      • Looping
      • File inclusion
    • Includes
      • Include and include_once
      • Require and require_once
    • Functions
      • Creating a function
      • Passing arguments by value
      • Passing arguments by reference
      • Default argument values
      • Returning values

    For Web developers who need to move beyond static web pages and want to use a programming language that is very compatible to the XHTML page layout. This course provides the necessary tools to include PHP code within your web pages. This is a required course for the Intermediate and Advanced classes.

    • I101 – XHTML and CSS

    Students will be able to write web pages using PHP. They will be able to process forms, make conditional checks and use programming logic to make their code more robust and adaptable. This course lays the basic foundation necessary to move on to Intermediate and Advanced PHP

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • U302 – Intermediate PHP

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