Introduction to Perl

This course provides a quick understanding of Perl so you can start solving everyday problems with the Perl programming language. This class was developed for people who are new to the Perl programming language and need a tool to help them in solving administrative type tasks and ad hoc requests/queries.


    • Introduction to Perl
      • Basic Concepts
      • Your first program
    • Scalars
      • Numbers
      • Strings
      • References
    • Arrays
      • Create them
      • Operators, Functions, and Interpolation
    • Control Structures
      • Conditionals
      • Looping
    • Hashes
      • What is hash?
      • Functions and Slices
      • Performance Considerations
    • Basic I/O
      • STDIN
      • STDOUT
      • Diamonds
    • Regular Expressions
      • Basic Expressions
      • Matching
      • Substitution
      • Translation
    • Functions
      • Defining a Function
      • Using a Function
      • Arguments and Scope

    This course is designed for individuals who are new to Perl. This class is directed toward the development of tools and the use of modules that can be used to solve problems the IT Professional runs into every day.

    This course is intended for those already using a shell script or other language to manipulate files or control processes.

    • U101 – Introduction to Linux, or equivalent.

     Student will have an understanding of the core capabilities of the Perl programming language and be able to develop tools (small programs) written in the Perl programming language as well as incorporate cpan modules.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

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