LAPP Administration

This course covers the installation and troubleshooting of a “Linux, Apache, Postgresql, PHP” (LAPP) installation. The student is taken through the steps required to install and configure PostgreSQL, Apache, and PHP. Basic SQL syntax is covered to aid the student in modifying the users database and modifying access rights. Intermediate SQL syntax is covered to help the student troubleshoot the Database. PHP syntax is covered so the student understands and can troubleshoot and test web page issues.


    • LAPP Overview
    • PostgreSQL Overview
      • Files and directory structure
      • Creating a Cluster
    • PostgreSQL Installation
      • Installing and compiling
      • Starting PostgreSQL
      • Testing your installation
    • Basic PostgreSQL Administration
      • Administrators account
      • User Accounts and Passwords
      • Invoking psql
      • psql command line options
      • Common meta-commands
    • Basic SQL and Administrative Skills
      • psql SQL syntax
      • Routine maintenance
      • Managing users
    • Intermediate SQL
      • Aggregate Functions
      • Joins
      • Functions
      • Triggers
      • Transactions
    • An Apache Primer
      • Apache from source code
      • Standard system layout
      • The Apache configuration file
      • Tuning options
      • Authentication
      • Integration with PHP
    • PHP Basics
      • Download and Installation
      • The php.ini file
      • PHP line syntax
      • Control structures
      • Functions
    • OOP PHP Basics
    • Accessing PostgreSQL with PHP
    • Troubleshooting

    This class is targeted to individuals who are responsible for installing, administering, and troubleshooting LAPP systems.

    • U301 – Linux System Administration

    Upon completion of this course the student will be able to install and configure Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP. The student will be able to administer each of these applications and troubleshoot issues associated with each component. Being exposed to SQL and PHP language constructs, the student will be able to diagnose problems and identify the nature of their cause.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • U3065 – Apache Web Server Administration

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