Mastering SOA and Web Services

In this course, Developers are introduced to the core standards that enable Web Services, and provides them hands-on experience with implementations of the Java XML and Web Service APIs including JAXP, JAXB, JAX-WS/RPC, WSEE, and XWSS.This class combines lecture with a unifying, hands-on experience, and open discussion that will help the developer quickly understand the benefits of Web Services and how and when to use them.


    • Introduction to SOA
    • Working with SOA
    • Path to Useful Web Services
    • Foundation for Web Services
    • Binding SOAP
    • Description: WSDL
    • Web Services in Java – JAX-WS/RPC
    • Web Services in JEE Environments
    • REST in Java
    • Finding Web Services: UDDI
    • WS-Security
    • Web Services Best Practices

    This is an intermediate and beyond level SOA and web services training course, designed for JEE developers and architects who need to identify, design, and implement web services . We will explore and apply the terminology, the specification, the processes and technologies specific to both SOA and web services.

    Participants should have 1-2 years of working knowledge with JEE and should already be familiar with XML.

    Upon completing the course, the student will:

    • Understand and work with Service-Oriented Architectures.
    • Apply SOA Analysis and Design to the identification and implementation of web services
    • Understand and intelligently discuss Web Services and the core technologies involved
    • Develop and deploy real-world JEE Web Services
    • Expose existing Java components as Web Services
    • Write Java components that access remote Web Services hosted by a third party
    • Read and understand a WSDL document
    • Parse, process, and respond to a SOAP message
    • Understand the concepts behind REST and implement a REST-based web service
    • Understand and work with the standards and technologies encompassed by WS-Security
    • Understand and utilize web service-related design patterns

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • J560 – Mastering the Spring Framework
    • J501 – JavaServer Faces
    • J550 – Introduction to Hibernate

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