MySQL for System Administrators

This class is for System Administrators responsible for the installation, configuration and subsequent troubleshooting of MySQL software on a Unix/Linux Operating System. MySQL is a very popular Relational Database Management System (currently owned by Sun Microsystems). The initial deployment and security issues fall within the realm of a System Administrator. This class is focused on the System Administrator’s responsibilities for installation, configuration and subsequent troubleshooting once the system is made available to Users. Once MySQL has been deployed, secured, and User accounts created with the appropriate privileges, the system is ready to be utilized by the Database Administrator and Developers. This class also provides the Administrator with the necessary skills (using SQL) to maintain the system’s administrative database “mysql”.


    • MySQL Overview
      • Files and directory structure
    • MySQL Installation
      • Installing and compiling
      • Starting MySQL
      • Testing your installation
    • Basic MySQL Administration
      • Administrators account
      • User Accounts and Passwords
      • Invoking mysqld
      • MySQL administrative commands
    • Basic SQL and Administrative Skills
      • MySQL SQL syntax
      • Routine maintenance
      • Managing users
    • Intermediate SQL
      • Aggregate Functions
      • Joins
      • Functions
      • Triggers
      • Transactions

    This course is designed for System Administrators responsible for the deployment and troubleshooting of MySQL software.


    The Administrator will be able to deploy, secure, set up accounts, grant privileges and administer a MySQL RDBMS for their company. Once the MySQL Software is available to be used by the Database Administror and Developers, the System Administrator will be able to aid in troubleshooting issues.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual
    • Sample databases
    • MySQL by Paul DuBois
      (New Riders)

    • LAMP for Administration

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