Oracle Discoverer Desktop for End Users

This hands-on course introduces students to Oracle Discoverer Desktop Edition, a Graphical User Interface tool that can be used to specify queries and access data stored in a relational database. Students will learn how to create, modify and refine ad hoc queries using Discoverer’s intuitive and easy-to-use Workbook Wizard. Query results will be customized and formatted into reports. Students will learn how to create conditions, provide user input parameters, and define calculations to perform dynamic data analysis. Students will learn how to schedule, manage and share their queries with other users and export query results to other file formats.


    • Benefits of Discoverer
    • Understanding Discoverer
    • Working with workbooks and worksheets
    • Understanding the workbook window
    • Generating ad hoc queries and customizing the display
    • Creating tabular and crosstab (matrix) worksheets
    • Monitor query execution
    • Creating single and multiple conditions
    • Using parameters in conditions
    • Creating subqueries
    • Creating group sorted outputs with summaries
    • Creating calculated or derived data items
    • Drill Up/Drill Down capability
    • Scheduling queries
    • Exporting query results to other file formats (MS Excel)

    This course is designed for Oracle Discoverer Desktop end users or any business professional wishing to learn the basics of this GUI tool. Administrators of Oracle Discoverer Desktop must take this course before taking Discoverer for Administrators.


     Familiarity with Microsoft Windows applications.

    Participants will learn to create, modify, run and refine ad-hoc queries using existing data. Students will view, chart and analyze multi-dimensional data. They will schedule and manage report generation in a batch mode.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

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