Oracle SQL Fundamentals

This hands-on course provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary to code SQL select statements. Students will receive a hands-on introduction to SQL basics. The course also includes some relational database management system (RDBMS) concepts and terminology. By the end of this class, students will not only understand relational database terminology such as RDBMS, DDL, DML, DCL etc. but also be ready to code Oracle SQL queries and subqueries by joining tables and group functions.


    • Database Management System Overview
    • What is a database?
    • Types of DBMSs
    • Relational Database Management System Overview
    • What is a RDBMS?
    • What is SQL? SQL*Plus? PL/SQL?
    • Difference between DDL, DML and DCL statements
    • SELECT statement and mandatory clauses
    • WHERE and ORDER BY clauses
    • Single row functions
    • Group functions
    • GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
    • Joining data from multiple tables
    • Subqueries
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements (Time Permitting)

    Anyone retrieving data from an Oracle database using SQL


    An understanding of relational database design concepts.

     Students will understand relational database terminology, understand and code Oracle SQL select statements.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    Oracle SQL

    It is used to store and access information in relational databases. Hundreds of thousands of applications all over the world use it on a constant basis, day in and day out. It also happens to be one of the most popular programming languages – it takes the second spot as the most used programming language. If you are working as a software developer, you will most certainly use SQL at some point in your career or education. This course at Euler Training Center in Minneapolis will teach you the basics of Oracle SQL.

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