RAD Boot Camp for Java Programmers

IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) is the newest generation of Java application development environments built on the Eclipse open platform (www.eclipse.org). It has many new features that the traditional IDEs do not provide including the role-based development models and the plug-in based flexibility of developing and adding new functionality to the environment. Applications developed during the course are based on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE) component model. Students use RAD to develop JEE applications, including servlets, JSPs, and Enterprise JavaBeans, debug and test them in the RAD built-in WebSphere Application Server test environment. Students will also use RAD to develop stand-alone Java applications.


    • Introduction to Rational Application Developer
    • Installing and Setting up RAD
    • Creating Java Applications using RAD v6
    • Creating Web Applications using RAD v6
    • Creating EJBs using RAD
    • Deploying JEE applications in WebSphere Application Server
    • Migration from VisualAge for Java
    • Team Development
    • Building an application with ANT
    • Profiling application s
    • Unit Testing with JUnit

    This course is intended for those who have Java knowledge and are interested in using or transitioning to this new and powerful Java application development environment.

    Students should be experienced Java developers who plan to do JEE development such as Servlet, JSP and EJB.

    After completing this course, the student will be able to develop, debug and test Java applications, servlets, JSPs, and Enterprise Java Beans using RAD. Students will also explore using JavaBeans, JSPs and servlets in accordance with the MVC programming model. Finally, students will gain experience performing standard packaging and deployment tasks, such as: assembling JEE components and applications, utilizing ANT, JUnit and the built-in Profiler features of RAD.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

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