SQL for Business or Data Analysts

Oracle12c SQL for Business or Data Analysts is a hands-on course, which gives you a basic knowledge of how to extract data from Oracle using SQL, SQL*Plus SQL Developer, and PL/SQL. This training covers topics that are necessary to query data for analysis from an Oracle12c database. Students will learn to � converse in relational database terminology, understand Structured Query Language basics, format reports using SQL*Plus commands, extract and organize information from the database, Insert, update & delete information in database tables, create and drop tables, views, synonyms and indexes, work with implicit and explicit cursors.


    • SQL Basics and SQL*Plus
    • Understanding SQL Developer
    • The WHERE and ORDER BY Clause
    • Hierarchical Queries and Pattern Matching
    • Single Row Functions
    • Joining Data from Multiple Tables
    • Group Functions and the GROUP BY Clause
    • Using Subqueries
    • Single Row Analytic Functions
    • Aggregating Analytic Functions
    • SQL*Plus Reporting
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML) Commands
    • Transaction Control and Flashback Queries
    • Data Definition Language (DDL) Commands
    • PL/SQL Basics
    • Working With Database Data
    • Explicit cursors and Cursor attributes
    • Exception Handling

    Anyone who need to extract data out of Oracle (e.g. Analysts, End Users, Executives, Programmers, etc.)

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