Ubuntu Desktop Administration (Desktop)

This is a GUI oriented class directed towards a desktop installation. The configuration steps will be explained in detail with a discussion of the underlying system configuration. The file system layout will be examined and explained. The GUI will then be explored and typical applications such as e-mail, printers, networking, browsers, multi-media, and open Office will be configured. Underlying topics such as Partitioning, Logical Volume Management, Security, Updating software, Rescue mode will be presented to give the student the necessary skills to be comfortable with maintaining and administering the overall system.


    • Linux Today
    • Hard drive partitioning and Logical Volume Management (LVM)
    • Network Services and protocols
    • Installation of Ubuntu Linux Desktop
    • Post installation tasks
    • Exploring the desktop Graphical User Interface (GNOME)
    • Software update management
    • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Understanding the startup and shutdown processes
    • Configuring your Network services
    • Configuring your Browser
    • E-mail configuration
    • Printer configuration
    • Multi-media applications
    • Using Open Office applications
    • Securing your system
      • Adding a firewall
      • Permissions and ACL’s
    • Allowing other users on your system
    • Mounting file systems
    • Transferring data to/from remote systems
    • Backup and restoring files
    • Rebooting to Rescue mode

    For a Ubuntu desktop user who needs to maintain their own system using GUI tools.

    • U101 – Intro to Linux/Unix

    Able to install and maintain a Desktop Ubuntu system to provide a rich end-user environment networked to other machines in their environment.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • U301 Linux System Administration (Server)

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