Using HTML and XHTML tags

This course reviews HTML/XHTML tags and teaches how to enter and/or modify HTML/XHTML tags directly into your code with a text editor. Advanced Web page development utilizing PHP requires that the developer be able to construct dynamic web pages directly within a PHP construct. This course is a prerequisite for our PHP/MySQL web page development class.


    • Overview
      • Web page development
      • HTML Vs XHTML
      • GUI Tools available
      • Text editing tools available
      • Which tools for what jobs
    • Create a web page with a text editor
      • Review mechanics of web pages
      • Create a base HTML document
      • Permissions and ownership of file
      • View new page through browser
    • Text Basic tags
      • Divisions and Paragraphs
      • Text Appearance/ Styles
      • Expanded font handling
      • Precise Spacing and Layout
      • Special Character encoding
    • Rules, Images and Multimedia
      • Horizontal Rules
      • Inserting Images
      • Document Colors and Background Images
    • Links
      • Hypertext Basics
      • Referencing Documents
      • Creating Hyperlinks
    • Formatted lists
      • Unordered Lists
      • Ordered Lists
      • Definition Lists
    • Forms
      • Form Fundamentals
      • Form tag
      • Input tags
      • Submittal tags
    • Tables
      • Why tables
      • Table/Row/Data tags

    This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for web page development and maintenance that want to go beyond their GUI tools. This course is applicable to Microsoft or Linux based web pages.

    U101 – Introduction to Linux or a basic understanding of a Linux environment and exposure to web page development.

     Students will be able to create and modify HTML/XHTML web pages directly with a text editor. This opens the student to the utilization of scripting techniques to modify web pages and to incorporate components like PHP into their web pages. The student can then choose the appropriate approach (GUI or directly editing) for modifying/developing web pages.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • I301 – Introduction to PHP

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