vi text editor

This course teaches how to fully utilize the power of the vi editor. The vi editor in conjunction with the ex line editor provide the Unix professional with powerful tools for creating and modifying programs, scripts, and text files on any UNIX machine.


    • Getting started
      • Open and closing files
      • Saving your work
    • Simple Editing
      • Basic vi commands
      • Moving the cursor
      • Inserting/appending/replacing/changing text
      • Joining lines
    • Moving around the document
      • By screens
      • By Text blocks
      • By searches
      • By Line number
    • Beyond the Basics
      • Command combinations
      • Options when invoking vi
      • Using buffers
      • Using bookmarks
    • The ex line editor
      • Line addresses
      • Global searches
      • Combining ex commands
      • Global replacements
      • Pattern matching rules
    • Advanced Editing
      • Customizing vi
      • Executing UNIX commands inside vi
      • Mapping keys
      • ex scripts
      • Tags

    This course is designed for individuals who are primarily editing in a UNIX environment. vi has tremendous features that make your creation/modification of UNIX scripts and source files quicker and easier.

    • U101 – Intro to Unix/Linux, or equivalent

    Student will be able to edit programs, scripts, and text files more proficiently. This translates to higher productivity in the UNIX environment.

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • U201 – Intermediate Unix & Korn Shell Scripting

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