This course introduces the student to “best practice” usage of XHTML and CSS. XHTML tags for content are examined alongside with CSS syntax for presentation. Presentation is separated from content so you end up with featherweight web pages which are standards based. This class is focused on new students or Web developers who are currently not utilizing CSS to separate presentation from content.


    • XHTML and CSS overview
      • Web Standards
      • Content versus Presentation
    • Basic XHTML syntax
    • Basic CSS Syntax
    • Putting XHTML and CSS together
    • Structuring and styling text
    • Creating links
    • Using images
    • Designing your layout with XHTML and CSS
    • Presenting lists
    • Creating tables for actual table content
    • Gathering information with forms
    • Printer friendly media options

    For developers who are new to XHTML or those who need to upgrade their web pages to current web standards incorporating CSS

    Into to Web Development or a basic understanding of the web development process.

     The Student will be able to develop web pages that incorporate current best practice web standards. The presentation of the page will be separated from the content of the page. The resultant code will be lighter weight and more maintainable

    • PC Workstation for use during training
    • Student Manual

    • I301 – Intro to PHP

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